Sunday, August 27, 2023

Let's get back to business...

It's been a bit quiet here and it could be because that other blog had a mass exodus of followers. We can only suspect this is because of that total cringe move to disclose the private text message of the new CEO. The irony of blasting new hires and praising folks who grew up at SECU only until they no longer serve the agenda.  

There are a lot of good people over there at SECU - and the complaining about "bankers" making all the decisions had us look closer at the leadership. Again, ironic that upon closer evaluation, the folks making fiscal, lending, operations, and people decisions have been at SECU collectively for over a century. They've never been anywhere but SECU. 

So, it looks like everyone is getting back to the business of running the organization. Therefore, we'll leave this here for as long as people need a place to speak. 

Until then, we love you SECU! We support the heavy work the leadership has to do and the people behind the scenes doing the daily work. 

Keep pressing forward. 

Friday, July 7, 2023


What were the faces like when the Model T picture was passed around at the Horse and Buggy convention. Imagine the gasps! And, in the corner was the man who was insistent upon raising more horses. Marshall Goldsmith said it best: "What got you here won't get you there." 

"SECU" has been synonymous with "change" most recently. What are the changes and are they necessary? 

Here are a few of the topics we've seen or heard:

  1. "SECU is the 2nd largest CU. We're good as we are." (It sounds like some lean on the asset size as a measure of success. Is this realistic?)
  2. "SECU members don't want digital." (Are these people different than the rest of American consumers who demand digital on a daily basis? If you don't have it, there is someone else willing to provide it - and take all their money and loans with them.)
  3. "Risk based pricing is terrible." (Is it so? Do you and I pay the same for our auto insurance? For life insurance?)
  4. "Membership expansion is frowned upon." (SECU has 2.7 million members. Only a fraction of that is actually state employees.)
  5. Others?
This is your open forum to share your thoughts. Remember that ALL comments are posted to encourage healthy and respectful debate.

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Say it Again For the People in the Back...

An interesting post on this webpage here a few days ago. It's worth posting for all to read. Thank you to the contributor:

"Ex-CEO Jim Blaine is an interesting case study in CEO retirement and succession planning. Truly fascinating. The psychology of Jim Blaine represents a strong desire to continue to maintain his stature as SECU’s leader, possibly much underestimated by the board. Blaine’s heroic view of himself and his mission is self-evident, and this leadership style can be characterized as one that places a strong sense of self-identity on both the status as a leader and the mission that it represents. Considering this psychology, it is not surprising to see the fight that is ensuing. Like many other large organizations that have had long-tenured CEOs and power struggles that result from succession planning, those ex-CEOs that fight the process must either be forced out or they maintain control until their death, in what often represents traumatic episodes for the CEO, exec leadership, board, and ultimately the organization as a whole. SECU has a critical decision to make regarding its desire for the influence and power of Jim Blaine. Some of the questions and issues brought up in his informal blog are worthy points of discussion, but the style and mannerisms are done in a way that subverts the leadership succession process—and at times the content is downright harsh and one-sided. For those that value respect one might question the integrity. However, it’s clear that if Jim Blaine does not approve of SECU leadership then he will seek to undermine them, in what appears to be for him an important extension of his life’s work and self-worth. Understanding this psychology will be important to assessing the path forward."

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Time to Debunk!


But for real. Are you ok, Mr. Blaine? Lots of time spent conjuring up falsehoods and defaming regular people online. No one can be proud of that. 

(PSA for the folks in the dark corners: defamation AND slander are real things. And "anonymous" posting won't always save you. Remember that.)

Since there is no real place to debunk the falsehoods, this post will be used to play a game called: State a Lie and Clarify

What have you heard or read that has needs some setting straight? And, dissenters are welcome. We know it gets real exciting to be blinded by this Reality TV train wreck you're watching and sometimes we get caught up. (Bless your heart) 

But let's set the record straight...

Thursday, June 15, 2023

You do know what happened when they drank the "Kool-aid"?????


We've watched outright untruths day after day on the poorly designed, clipart disaster of a website that "Mr Blaine" lives to operate. Sadly, the man that once took the helm at a young age and did good things at SECU has embarrassingly trashed his legacy with a witch hunt of tired inaccuracies.

We're tired of your lies and feel sorry for the followers who sheepishly fall for your sad diatribe. Since you won't post anything on your site but your own slanderous commentary and cowardly "anonymous" contributions, we invite authentic commentators here. We won't be here for long - because you can't change crazy and, frankly, there is real work to be done over there.

We feel sorry for you. And your embarrassing website of one-sided inaccuracies screams pity for your loss of control. 

We are matching your energy with a poorly designed site to expose untruths.

We see you.
We will not stand for it.

PS - if you would have believed that marketing was important, you would have known the importance of securing ALL of your extensions for your "secujustasking" domains. Too late. 

Let's get back to business...

It's been a bit quiet here and it could be because that other blog had a mass exodus of followers. We can only suspect this is because o...